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Our interest and breed focus has changed from a beginning in Miami Fla. with German Sheperds, through several other breeds to finally concentrating for the past 8 years, on our wonderful Irish Wolfhounds here in Vermont. If you have an interest in Wolfhounds, as pets or in the dog sports, please feel free to contact us to "talk dogs" or come. Search for irish wolfhound rescue dogs for adoption. Adopt a rescue dog through PetCurious. List Your Pets. Find Dogs. Find Cats. List Your Pets. Find Dogs. Find Cats. Find ... Guarantee your. Bond: (James Bond, that is!) Bond is a gorgeous 6 month old Wheaten fawn Irish Wolfhound Greyhound puppy who wound up in shelter with his brother Sherlock. We rescued these two big babies who are adorable and loving and sweet to all. They are seeking the best homes where they will be loved and cherished and happy and safe for life!. Irish Wolfhound Dogs and Puppies For Adoption & Rehome in the UK. UKPets found Irish Wolfhound For Adoption and Rehome in the UK based on your search criteria. Read more about this dog breed on our Irish Wolfhound breed information page. Read breed information about the Irish Wolfhound Newly listed Suggested Local Adverts 8.
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